What is the difference between your acrylic calendars?

All of our acrylic calendars are manufactured using local materials, printers, and manufacturers here in the Rocky Mountains. Our calendars are printed on the back using special ink that will never come off.  The prototype we have hanging in our kitchen from 2013 still looks great. We can’t imagine why they won’t last forever. Just make sure your 2 year old doesn’t take a hammer to it.



These beautiful calendars are NOT MAGNETIC. So don’t order number magnets, unless you enjoy getting extra emails from us.
Whatever the wall color is behind the calendar, you will see it.  Depending on your lighting, there may be some shadows of the lines and text on the wall behind the calendar.

-PREMIUM CLEAR ACRYLIC: are manufactured using 3/8” thick acrylic.  This means that they are very stiff when you write on the them, and the thick, polished clear sides look ultra-cool.
-STANDARD CLEAR ACRYLIC are manufactured using 3/16” thick acrylic. This means they are somewhat stiff, but there will be a bit of give when you write and erase on them. The sides will still look cool, just not as thick. 

These incredible calendars have the same amazing acrylic surface, but they ARE magnetic!  They are all white, and hold our fabulous number magnets.  The acrylic is thinner, so it has a framework on the back to help keep it totally stiff as you write on it.  You don’t see this framework unless you are looking at the calendar with your head against the wall.  The framework is inset, not right on the edge.  

With any of our Acrylic Calendars, everyone will think you have the absolute coolest calendar ever. 

Custom and personalized orders

For custom sizes and designs, contact us for a quote. To give you an idea of pricing, here is some info. 

For custom size 3/8” Clear A
crylic boards, OR our Magnetic Acrylic Boards:
Cost ranges from $550.00 - $1200, depending on the size.

Custom size minimum price is $550.00

Shipping cost ranges from $50 - $200
Production time for a custom board can be 4-10 weeks, depending on how busy our manufacturing partners are.


Do your markers erase completely?

Wet-erase markers erase completely from acrylic.  Unlike dry-erase markers which rub off if you brush against them, once wet-erase markers dry (which takes very little time), they do not generally come off until you wipe off the ink with a wet cloth.

How will lighting affect my clear acrylic calendar?

We have samples you can order to test out your lighting (or you could use a piece of glass from a small picture frame.)  
Hold the clear acrylic about an inch away from the wall to see how shadows will affect the board. If you have ceiling lighting that is close to the wall, it could cause shadows from the grid lines and writing on the board.  If that is the case, then we recommend our white, Magnetic Acrylic.


How do you account for the cost of the calendars?

The price of the calendar reflects the quality of the calendar's American craftsmanship. We use only the highest quality materials, from the acrylic to the ink to the hardware.  We use local shops to help us manufacture our products.  Our philosophy on consuming products is to buy less, but when you do buy, make it a purchase of a quality item that will last a long time and looks fabulous!

Cancelation of custom items

We will gladly refund 100% of your order if we haven't started to work on it at all, however if we have already started and invested time in designing your piece, we won't be able to cancel or refund it.